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Eric Loiselle was born and raised in Rhode Island, USA. He started making his own personal art when he was 18. Just before he was 20, Eric joined the United States Air Force. He was enlisted from March 2004 until April of 2008, traveling extensively on various assignments throughout the world. During the time that Eric spent in the military he was inspired to cultivate new ideas, implement new techniques and expand the vision for his future artistic works.

Eric chose to take his own approach to producing unique works of art.  His extremely high level of creativity and imagination led him to develop an abstract style that minimizes focus, while allowing him to create art that inspires the viewers own thoughts and ideas. Eric works in various mediums, though his main concentration is with acrylic on canvas. He has developed his own techniques, textures and palettes which have been literal translations to the very abstract, both geometric and visceral.

Eric’s art is unassuming and attempts to inspire the viewer to seek their own meaning in his works.  He is ultimately seeking a positive reaction from everything he creates. Working on his art career, honing his own techniques and finding his niche, Eric has emerged as an artist that will make a very significant contribution in the world of modern art.

Amalgam Art by Eric Loiselle

“All paintings are abstract.” - Robert Bissett

When I started painting, I was in my purest form that was callow but full of heart. I took my time and created work after to work to get better. Most observers thought I worked with an abstract feel. So I thought about the word abstract and took its meaning and ended up with amalgam. Looking at my work in person allows you to get up close to the paint and see the almost endless combinations of paint that I consistently load up my brush with for every stroke. Every layer adding to the weight of expressions conveyed on a piece of canvas, paper or other item being utilized for my transformative process.

What is Amalgam Art?

First you must know what the word amalgam can mean. It has a few meaning, relating to metals, however it also has another meaning (the below information has been taken from and

Amalgam – Mixture; blend or combination.

Note: an amalgam is what follows upon an amalgamation; amalgamation is a process in which things are combined and an amalgam is the result or consequence of that process - so amalgam means 'combination,' while amalgamation means 'the act of combining or uniting.

Everything that has ever been painted, no matter how detailed and precise appearing, it is not exact. All art is abstract. My art is nothing but an arrayed mixture of colors, displayed in such a way to appeal to visual, physical, and cognitive senses. Welcome to my Amalgam Art!

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